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Nick McCally




I found this coder at freelance talk. He'd done some reputable work for sites like Photobucket. I sent him $80 to have a webpage coded about a month and a half ago and never received it.


Being a dummy I created the PayPal dispute, but then he came on the next day and said he had it done and would not be sending it to me until I closed the dispute. I did so and then he went offline for a month or so :)


I have all of his information, but he continues to say he'll do another project... refusing me a refund. How abouts can I go about getting that money back.


"Please do not post personal info in our forums. Thank you!"



This is the type of kid I'm dealing with:

Freedom of speech. I'm telling people not to go to your website for work. Didn't say anything about you personally.

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On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 1:03 PM, Nick McCally <nick@mccallyco.com> wrote:

And your going to get sued for defamation by jag attorneys. God I love winning.


On Aug 22, 2010 1:01 PM, "Jesse Green" <dchjesse@gmail.com> wrote:


I'm going to keep calling and posting the story on forums that have backlinks to any of your sites.... until I get the money back.


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Are you uk based or us based? If your uk i believe you could take him to small claims court, (Not sure if its possible with him based in usa)

Not sure if your usa based though,


paypal disbute wouldn't of got you anywhere as they don't cover internet services, If you paid via paypal with a credit card or debit card, Simply contact your bank to do a charge back


Sorry couldn't help more!



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I doubt you'll get anything the kid probably already spent the money or took it out of his Paypal account. Your best bet is to use scriptlance or another legit site that uses an escrow account to make payments that way your not out any money if the coder does not complete the job.

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