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more ts3 servers


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i have a problem how do i set up more ts3 servers i have 1 runing on TCA

wan i try to put more in dan hi dont gif any error and is normal start bud i cant connect i have no firewall on or viruscanner on my server i and i have no router i have now on port 9987 i want olso 3 ts3 server more is it posible and how to make 4 or 5 ts servers i have do these setting for build a 1 ts3 server bud number 2 and 3 and 4 is not work




If anyone has an easier way to do it, by all means share it. This is how I got it working.


1) Download the latest Teamspeak Windows Server



2) Upload the attached config into TCAdmin - this config calls the 32 bit exe


3) Log into the master server via remote desktop and unpack the files into the GameInstalls\TEAMSPEAK3 folder.


4) Right click the TS3 server exe and create a shortcut


5) Right click the TS3 shortcut and click on the Properties tab. Go down to the target windows and add a space at the end of the target and add the following with quotes


"create_default_virtualserver=0 createinifile=1"


6) When the TS3 window pops up, copy the serveradmin password and put it into a .txt file in the TS3 server files so you don't lose it. You will need this to configure TS3 to TCAdmin


7) Close the TS3 server box and delete the shortcut you created


8) Log into TCadmin as an admin and click on Voice Servers >> New. Choose Teamspeak Master Server 3. Put in a slot count and rcon password (these values are irrelevant so put anything). This will set the TS3 server as a Windows service and TCAdmin will make sure it is running.


9) Go to System Settings >> Voice Server Settings >> New Server


10) Choose Teamspeak 3 from the drop down menu. Put the server IP/hostname and the password that was given to you in the server window. Click Save.


11) After the page refreshes click Test to make sure you set it up correctly.

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