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BF1942 with RemoteManager problems


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Hi All,




I've got a config for BF1942 which appears to work in as much as it copies the files across and adds the right things to the config files.




However, upon creation I get an email saying 'Error creating game server'.




If I go and manually start the game server using the RemoteManager, it starts up fine?!




Obviously I know that all the panel will do in this instance is start the service and the user then has to go in and configure everything, but shouldn't the panel still display the server as started?

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I don't know how, and I don't know why, but I always manage to find out the problem while wainting for someone to reply...Usually because I'm thick as pigsh*t.




Anyway, it appears that the config file I got from here started the RemoteManager.exe and the file I have from BBO is called ServerManager.exe




Basically I'm stupid :oops:

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