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how to create cod4 server?


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Hello everyone, I just bought the license tcadmin. I would like to create

cod4 server. course on the installation CD there is the setup.exe.

GameInstallFiles/COD4 file folder that I put there? files that are

within the first dvd of the game or do I install the game and then

copy the files installed?


hello and thanks


PS. I am an Italian boy and made the translation through google,

sorry if there are some mistakes ^ _ ^ '

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Do it this way:

1. Get DVD with game

2. Install game on your PC

3. Download patches from filefront.com or gamershell.com and apply them so your game gets to latest version

4. Compress game files using winrar and upload it to server

5. Unrar files into C:/GameInstalls/COD4


Now you will be able to setup server automatically using TCAdmin

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Guest aolbot107



is your goal in life to follow me around these forums and post after every one of my post telling people to watch out for me?


I was going to suggest the same thing even help him setup his files for him if he wanted. My intentions were to help him and again, thanks you f*ed that up for me once again.

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