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AlterIWnet / MW2 dedicated servers


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I was wondering if anyone else here has experimented with hosting AlterIWnet servers for MW2. I copied the COD 4 template and created it based on that, replacing the command line with that suggested by the people at AlterIWnet.


When I start the server on the desktop using a shortcut, it starts up without an issue. When using TCAdmin with the exact same command line, the server doesn't start. It appears to get stuck around the 13k mark.


When running the server from the shortcut on the desktop, it starts properly. I checked the console_mp.log from when I started it with the shortcut and the following is where the two logs differ:


Excerpt console_mp.log when started with the shortcut:


[      1348]       dvar set authServerName server.alteriw.net
[      1348]       dvar set masterPort 20810
[      1348]       dvar set authPort 20800
[      1348]       dvar set logfile 2
[      1348]       dvar set com_timescale 1
[      1348]       dvar set timescale 1
[      1348]       dvar set fixedtime 0
[      1348]       dvar set party_maxplayers 18
[      1348]       dvar set net_port 28960
[      1349]       dvar set version IW4 MP 1.0 build 182 latest Tue Feb 02 2010 03:46:27PM win-x86


Here's the excerpt from the console_mp.log when started with TCAdmin:


[       951]       dvar set authServerName server.alteriw.net
[       951]       dvar set masterPort 20810
[       951]       dvar set authPort 20800
[       951]       dvar set logfile 2
[       951]       dvar set com_timescale 1
[       951]       dvar set timescale 1
[       951]       dvar set fixedtime 0
[       952]       dvar set sys_configureGHz 14.5781
[       952]       dvar set sys_sysMB 2048
[       952]       dvar set sys_gpu Unknown video card
[       952]       dvar set sys_configSum 0


From "dvar set sys_configureGHz 14.5781" to the last line in the above code is what is different. Those lines are NOT in the log when I start it from the shortcut on the desktop. When it gets to the last line above, that's it for the log. It doesn't go any further.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone seen this type of behavior before? I've posted a message on the AlterIWnet forums as well, but figured someone might have some insight here.

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