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DCHservers.com Site Only Sale Discussion


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You have mentioned "I'm making $150-$200/month having it just sit there" but the site appears to be in poor repair so is that a profit number or a total sales number? Having a little trouble believing profits.


Where are the sales going (URL) as when I try to go to either the game panel or support I get dead pages? And sorry but if you are committing fraud right now collecting sales without delivering then sending you money for the domain is out of the question.


Can you explain why over half your hits on those graphs are direct, meaning they are someone directly typing your url or a traffic generating program?


Does the sale include the site files, or just the domain?

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I'd been running that GSP longer than half of the people that try and start-up their own GSP's around here. I don't know what people (in terms of experience looking at competition) buy off the site but its still bringing in those numbers regardless. It would be nice if it was still bringing in the 75 sales a month it used to but I digress.


It's going to be a private sale since a douzen GSPs have contacted me saying they are not interested in getting involved in a bid on this forum due to the flaming that goes on, but you are free to make an offer. All information regarding the client sign-ups in the past 3 months will be disclosed at that time. Again, I've been here for 3 years now and am not going anywhere - I can understand with all the crap that comes through here your question of fraud. This is a legit sale from a GSP that ran for 3 years.


I still run a couple dedicated servers for the "good/profitable dedicated clients" I chose to keep when I sold off the rest of the game server ones. Simply a school/time issue that lead to the sale and I was only allowed to put in 10 hours for another job this past summer in order to get the government grant I got. With the best interest of the clients in mind I sold.

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