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Can you create Patches with the Update File Generator if you have two full installs of the game in seperate directories and you just want to create a patch file with the files that are different between the two?


Basically for Monday Night Combat I just had to go manually update each clients server by hand which has taken me the better portion of the night. I have never got the Update File Generator to work so I just gave up on it again, but if this is possible, I would very much like to know how for future patches.

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Update generator tracks what changes, not what is different. So it you have an executable patch then yes update generator can track what that executable changes and then create a patch file that will work with TcAdmin.


If you simply have a patched and an unpatched set of serverfiles then afraid that's not what it does.


Steps to run it:

Start update generator

Point it towards the unpatched/unupdate/original game files

Tell it to start watching

Run your patching or update program

After the patch or update has been completed the update generator will create a zip file of the changed files that will work for the website updater once you enter the needed information like location of the zip file into the corresponding game configs.


It is wonderful if you have tones of games, but if you just have a couple it can very well take you longer to create the patch file vs just running the patch/update program on each server.

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