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Why promote disinformation


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A thread started today has several instances of this disinformation. Many other threads from others throughout time have had these as well. Most of them are so obvious that it's just ridiculous and do these people honestly think they are doing themselves favors by being deceitful?


The first thing I have to scream about is why does every internet aficionado refer to themselves as president of their online venture? There are no presidents in an L.L.C., L.L.P., Sole Proprietor, or a fake company and only in a corporation if structured that way. When will these tools finally realize that their ego stroking only makes them out to appear exactly as they are...


Second...why would you state that you have ranked relationships when you clearly don't...the statement wasn't including an "or" but the word "and"


Lastly...looking to open up a formal office but there were pictures and statements about the formal office space that was already setup when this "new kid on the block" did recently start...again.


Just had to vent as these posts/threads are so ridiculous that maybe somehow these people just completely miss that they look utterly foolish doing this.

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Guess about those who rent one or 2 servers somewhere ,claiming they are company but they are just new kid on the block, sharing those feelings if this is all about , and reason why they go and get back I think because some of us reporting them and they are forced to shut down ,but only web so they just buy new domain and back in game :grin: however once his/her mom stop paying for costs probably they will disappear forever!;)

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