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I need help removing a mod from Minecraft. I've seen on forums that you can remove them by deleting the bin folder in appdata on the server. I can't access that at the moment...just FYI.


I am running a Minecraft server that as of yesterday was update to Beta 1.4. As a result of updating the server with the out of date mod the server has stopped working. I attempted to remove all traces of the Mod with no luck. The mod is CraftBukkit or Bukkit and I know there will be an update to the mod within the week, but I can't keep people waiting that long.


I'm frustrated that TC Admin offers to install the mod with no easy way to remove it.


If you have any info specifically with Minecraft Beta and Mods please comment on this thread.

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Well I was looking specifically on how to remove a mod from Minecraft through TCAdmin.


So you can install a Minecraft mod to your sever and it will work. I tested it. Installed find and the mod did work. The issues are number one the mod wasn't even the latest mod and number two you can't really remove it.


May suggest to delete the bin folder and let it rebuild. The issue there being most server services ftp is set to only folders that contain the main game config files, setup files, mod files, etc. So you can't really go to a specific sections of the server.


Does that make sense?


So I guess this would be turning into a change request in the TCAdmin software. If I install a mod through TCAdmin console then I should be able to uninstall it.


I am only in "charge" of the Minecraft service on the server. So thanks for the suggestion, but not exactly the answer I was looking for.


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The things you suggest can all be accomplished if tcadmin is configured to do them. But how tcadmin is configured is upto your provider not tcadmin. Which is why I said go to them, ask them to change it so you can remove old mods. They can always ask on here if they are having trouble configuring things.

But most things are outside of user levels unless granted by the provider. If they grant it and if you don't have other mods that you'd loose you could copy your configs and then do a reinstall from tcadmin at the user level. But that's only if they have that option on.

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