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Quake 4 restarting on player connect.


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Recently installed 2 Quake 4 servers for a client, but for some reason the game restarts as soon as the first player connects. The logging (to qconsole.log) doesn't give any information why it restarts and for the past week we've been trying to find out why, but have found no reason as of yet.




This behaviour is seen with an unmodded Q4 as well as when the q4max and xbattle mod is used.




Hopefully someone can spot any error we have made:


The server is running on W2003 with the command line:




\quake4ded.exe +set net_ip +set net_port 28004 +set si_maxPlayers 12 +exec server.cfg +SpawnServer




Used server config (this one is for q4max):


<div class="pre"><pre>


// Template Server Config

// Updates available at

// http://www.q4max.com/wiki/index.php/Server






seta si_name "[warp3.com] Fyx0z Priv #1 - [Q4max]" // Your server name, as it appears in game browsers

seta g_motd "" // Change this!

sets ".Administrator" "Fyx0z" // It's you!

sets ".Email" "xxxx@hotmail.com" // Change this!

sets ".URL" "" // Change this! Good idea to list all the maps needed on your server on the website too...

// Note, the more of these info sets you include, the more data is pulled on every server browse. Crop them if you dont want them.






seta net_serverRemoteConsolePassword "xxx" // Rcon password. Powerful, only for server admins

seta ref_password "" // Referee password.

seta g_password "xxx" // Client password. Also requires si_usePass to be set.

seta si_usePass "1" // Set if clients require a password.

seta image_preload "1"





// There are alot of controls for voting. Some server admins may want to enable everything and let

// the users decide. Others may want to enforce a strict set of rules. Q4max aims to make these

// decisions easy for server admins to implement.


// First off, basic rules for voting.

seta si_allowVoting "1" // Blanket ban on voting. Not recommended.

seta vote_limit "3" // Number of votes a client can do. 0 is unlimited.

seta vote_percent "51" // Percentage of positives required. Recommend 51. Higher can seem like a good idea, but normally ends up with one trouble maker screwing it up for everyone else.


// Then some important vote decisions

seta vote_allow_referee "1" // If you don't want elected refs, set to 0. 1 makes life easier for Clanbase and similar internet competitions.

seta vote_allow_map "1" // Recommend always allow map voting, unless you enforce a map cycle.


// Then the rest of the vote decisions

seta vote_allow_weaponrespawn "1"

seta vote_allow_warmup "1"

seta vote_allow_timelimit "1"

seta vote_allow_teamdamage "1"

seta vote_allow_selfdamage "1"

seta vote_allow_scorelimit "1"

seta vote_allow_restart "1"

seta vote_allow_remove "1"

seta vote_allow_random "1"

seta vote_allow_poweruprespawn "1"

seta vote_allow_overtime "1"

seta vote_allow_nextmap "1"

seta vote_allow_mutespecs "1"

seta vote_allow_kick "1"

seta vote_allow_instagib "1"

seta vote_allow_gametype "1"

seta vote_allow_footsteps "1"

seta vote_allow_falldamage "1"

seta vote_allow_dropweapons "1"

seta vote_allow_droppowerups "1"

seta vote_allow_autobalance "1"

seta vote_allow_armorsystem "1"

seta vote_allow_armordecay "1"


set pm_runbob "0" //default is 0.4

set pm_runpitch "0" //default is 0.002

set pm_runroll "0" //default is 0.005

set pm_walkbob "0" //default is 0.3

set pm_bobpitch "0" //default is 0.002

set pm_bobroll "0" //default is 0.002

set pm_bobup "0" //default is 0.005

set pm_crouchbob "0" //default is 0.5





seta sv_punkbuster "1" // Server side punkbuster

seta si_pure "1" // Server does not allow any modified paks

seta si_minPlayers "2" // Min to start a game (when warmup enabled)

seta si_maxPlayers "12" // Max players allowed in games

seta si_numPlayers "12" // Max players allowed on server

seta si_spectators "1" // Allow spectators or force all to play

seta g_spectatorChat "0" // Let spectators talk to everyone during game

seta si_autobalance "0" // Autobalancing of teams - 0/1

seta g_feedScorebot "1"

seta si_feedScorebot "1" // Enable scores in server info

seta si_allowhitscantint "2"





// This is how Q4max handles different gametypes. *si_gametype* is no longer required.

seta si_modes "DM DUEL TDM CTFS CA FFA iFFA"

seta si_mode "Duel"

seta si_gametype "Duel"





seta net_serverAllowServerMod "1" // Allow server-side mods

sets net_serverSnapshotDelay "30" //delay between snapshots in milliseconds, default is 80 - using sets instead of seta to allow clients to see if you've changed it

seta net_serverMaxClientRate "25600" // Max rate to clients in bytes/sec


// server download settings

net_serverDlTable "q4base/map_l4dm1.pk4;q4base/map_l4dm2.pk4;q4base/map_swq4dm1_final.pk4;q4base/map_tmp02.pk4;q4base/map-q4dade1.pk4;q4base/pro_bliptourney1.pk4"

net_serverDlBaseURL "http://www.latnc.nl" // your dl domain!

net_serverDownload "2"

si_serverURL "http://www.latnc.nl/q4base/"






seta sv_master1 "q4master.idsoftware.com"

seta sv_master2 "master3.idsoftware.com"

seta sv_master3 "master0.gamespy.com"





seta g_log "1" // Enables game logging, recommend 1

seta logFile "2" // 1=buffer log 2=flush after each print

seta logFileName "stats.log" // Name of logfile

seta com_logMPStats "0" // Writing of multiplayer stats to StatisticsLog.txt





// For FFA and CTF servers, you may want to build a map cycle.

// seta g_mapCycle ""

si_mapCycle ""






seta si_map "mp/l4dm1" // Default map.





Anyone know a reason why its restarts on player connect ?

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