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A game server has been created email template


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A game server has been created with the following details:




Game server type:






Connection information:




i have moded all the html templates




but cant find where to mod this 1 any help please




in Admin Home > System Settings > Plugins > Automation Configuration




i select Email to Owner when Server is Created, Reinstalled, Moved or Mod Installed




i get 2 emais 1 with my template and 1 amail as above




i just want the template i made for the game to be sendnt out not the Game server has been created email

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the e-mail you describe above is an e-mail that the administrator gets once he sets up a gameserver.




the e-mail that the clients will get, you shall have to mod yourself ( plugins-->automation settings--> new gameserver e-mail template )




I hope this answers your question

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