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two user folders on the same machine


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This question has been brought up multiple times.




There is no ability at the moment to split the user files.




(Another question that could be solved by searching)




Im not trying to discourage your crusade in trying to learn the Interface of TCAdmin, however I genuinely think you are going about it in the wrong way.




6 New threads in the past 2 days and all 12 of your posts have been in your own threads. Next time you have a problem, write it down and save it. Then when you have 3 problems, create a new thread that says what the problems are. I think in the future poeople might be a lot less helpful with you when persist in nagging for the very simple questions that have been brought up before to save yourself 2 minutes.




'I don't do things in a "trial and error" manner so I ask before I do something.'






I'm not going to to post the link to the other threads in hope that you use the search tool to find them.



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hehe I should say thank you for writing so much when I only wrote two sentences. yeah I kinda got lazy with tcadmin because I had to spend more time with installing game servers. anyway, from now on, I'll use search and post less about redunant stuff that's already been answered.

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