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[Centos 5.7] Garry's Mod Fix - Tutorial


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Here is a tutorial on how to make Garry's Mod work on Centos 5.7 and under.



Have you tried installing Garry's Mod on your Centos system (5.7 and under) and noticed its not working? Well here is a little tutorial to fixing it.


Why won't it launch?

A few updates ago, Garry's Mod was made to rely on the latest GLIBC. This was only included with Centos 6 and will not work with any version under that.

NOTE: Since the 17th of December, some Linux users haven't been getting the latest bin files (lua_shared.so, scenecacheproxy.so, server.so, toybox.so). If you haven't got these files in your 'orangebox/garrysmod/bin' folder, then download the previous update files here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3590255/Temp/linux-131.zip


NOTE: Because of the bin files not being updated for linux, servers have been known to crash when spawning something like the Jeep. This is due to the outdated bin files.


The fix:

You will first need to download the latest lib file for GLIBC. We are only wanting Garry's Mod to use this file so we will rename it to 'test.so.6'.

Log into root.
Make sure you are in your /root folder (should be default).
<server@local># wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/759758/libc.so.6
<server@local># mv libc.so.6 test.so.6
<server@local># mv test.so.6 /lib


We have just downloaded, renamed and moved the latest GLIBC file.

Now it's time to patch our server.so file to guide it to this file.


Go into your server folder.
<server@local># cd /home/GAMEFOLDER/USER/ID/orangebox/garrysmod/bin
<server@local># perl -pi -e 's/libc/test/g' server.so


Now you have renamed the path for where GLIBC will need to find the latest file.


Presto! Your Garry's Mod server should now be working!


Credits to GranPC on Facepunch for helping me with this.

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