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CoD2 extream 1.3 MOD installation.


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Hi guys




Im trying to install eXtream Mod 1.3 to my one of my client, but not as a cod2 mod.




I have looked around topic regarding mod installation for cod2 and


fig out this much




Instance Only




1. add a addtional arrgument eg"+set fs_game (modname)


2. Hit Save


3. It created the (modname) floder in instance game folder next to main and pb folder


4. I copyed all the files from the mod install folder (it contain like 5 files)and added all the .iwd to that folder.




Now my Problem




1.When i start a game im getting this error on my server " Error during initialization:


Failed to load gfx driver gfx_d3d_mp_x86_s.dll."




2.Before that error also it was not wokring






Please Fellows let me know if u come across this problem and able to fix it.




Thanks in advance.

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