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Mysql custom script


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Hi guys,

i need help, i want to add mysql custom script on game server. i am new to tcadmin. i got a script

mysql -h localhost -u root -pYourPassword -e "CREATE USER '$user'@'%%'"
mysql -h localhost -u root -pYourPassword -e "SET PASSWORD FOR '$user'@'%%' = PASSWORD('$password')"
mysql -h localhost -u root -pYourPassword -e "GRANT USAGE ON * . * TO '$user'@'%%' IDENTIFIED BY '$password' WITH MAX_QUERIES_PER_HOUR 0 MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOUR 0 MAX_UPDATES_PER_HOUR 0 MAX_USER_CONNECTIONS 0"
mysql -h localhost -u root -pYourPassword -e "CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS $dbname"
mysql -h localhost -u root -pYourPassword -e "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON $dbname . * TO '$user'@'%%'"


when i add this in custom script with custom icon event, when i open it, it show me a blank page

so i contacted support ticket, as they said


You install mysql on your server and you create a custom script in the game's settings for the after created event that executes those commands.


what script they meant ?

you create a custom script in the game's settings for the after created event


can someone give me that script ? :)


thnz for reading


sorry for my bad english :(

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I got this script from that link,

I added this code on custom script


But it show blank page, when i ask to support ticket, they said

'There is no MySQL variable contain'



How i can create a bash script for game ? Bash script = custom script ?

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