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Error creating gmod server


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Hey everyone!


I will give it a try here first :p if it turns out to nothing i will try somewhere else.


Now on the the problem.


So when i create a Garry's mod server it gives me the following error after it has finished downloading from steam: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7815372/. It goes from 90% to 100% and just tells me its completed. and it is starting automatically. but the server does not actually start. Also no logs are created from the server.


This is how the debug "log" looks before it pops the error: log


With a re-install it gets stuck at 93% for a while and then it just pops to a 100% again and comes up with Complete. I also noticed the error posted above comes up during the downloading from steam.


After restarting the monitor and the tcadmin service I still have the same error.

Also no errors show up in the Service manager Console or the Monitor Console.


Running CentOS and version of the TCAdmin.

Mono Version : 2.11.4 Linux 64 bits


Lets hope this is enough info to help me :)



Arjan Dob


(I am now updating the tcadmin to a newer version, V: )


EDIT: also the update did not work,


I have exported the XML files from the gmod Linux and Windows. checked them with the w3schools and the w3c XML validator, both did not came up with any errors.


EDIT2: I just found this in a log, Maybe this is related? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7816077/


EDIT3: So the error just went away and we have no clue why. Tho after that we were left with a Pid 0 And we had no idea why (no logs no errors or anything) We have diced to manually start the server trough SSH, There we found out it was searching for the glibc 2.15. instead of the 1.12 used on CentOS 6. So for everyone with CentOS 6 And recently updated their server and having the pid 0 when they want to start their server. You have to downgrade you server (Thats why we always make backups boys!) or you have to upgrade you CentOS to CentOS 7 (Good luck with that.. i am waiting till there is more info for upgrading out on the internet)


( http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10625&page=2 )


EDIT4: A possible fix for this glibc issue is this http://scientificlinuxforum.org/index.php?showtopic=2287&st=0***entry17620


EDIT5: Or this: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Linux_Dedicated_Server_Hosting (Scroll down to right above the comments)

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