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Auto update game files


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I don't know if it's possible or not (yet) but what I would like to do is to update the "master" game files then update from the master every game server that run the same game. I found a way to do it but it's all manual. Of course I can schedule the taks when I want BUT it's only one time. We can't set a recurring task (this way atleast).


MANUAL : 2 tasks for all servers

Update the master game files

System -> Settings -> Game & Voice Hosting -> Game Tools and select "Create Steam update file"


Copy the updated files to every game servers

System -> Settings -> Game & Voice Hosting -> Game Tools and select "Batch update"



The other way I found is interresting because we can use the recurring task but we have to create the task for EVERY server :sad:


AUTO : 1 task for each game servers

Game & Voice Management -> Game Services -> Select the desired server -> Scheduled Tasks -> New and select "Steam Update" then click [ New ]


You can enable or disable the recurring task <== Great option :smile:


So if you want the game server to check for update each day at 6 am :

check the enable box

Type : Daily

Start : select next day at 6am

Recur every : 1 days


You can check the Repeat Task if you want to make it twice a day for example.


When TCAdmin run the task the game server will stop, update, start.



What I want is a mix of both :cool


Do the recurrent option available for updating the master game files (C:\TCAFiles\Games\csgo) so we can run it like every hour for example.


Then copy the update at an user-defined time.


For example I know the updates of csgo are usually made around 4 or 5 am in my country. So I would do a recurring task to check for update every 30 mins between 4 and 6 am. If it found an update, it download it to the master game files. Then it copy it to all game servers.


I hope I've been clear enough. Sorry, English is not my native language.

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