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VPS Software Suggestions


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Does any-one have any suggestions for a VPS software package.

Both remote and control


I am looking for something that is not as pricey as VMWare or Citrix Xen


Would need to do both Windows and Linux.


From reading VmWare's licensing, Looks like one would need to purchase a minimum $600.00 per month if it is used or not, Am I wrong on that?


And Citrix isn't far off that that dollar figure either.


Please correct me if I am way off base on the above.





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Xen itself is free. Citrix Xen, which is just a front-end really, is not.



Your other option would be KVM.


(Yes, KVM supports Windows)




It's also worth mentioning SolusVM can run all 3 virtualization types (Xen, KVM, OpenVZ), and most hosts use it as a front-end.


There security track-record isn't good, but it seems they've improved a lot.

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OK Sir...


Thank you..


Not to be cheap, But I could not see paying for a product that I will never really use all of it's features or the amount that would be needed to purchase to be compliant.


Have you ever used KVM Bubka3?


I see it is open source, Is it currently under development on a regular basis?


Thanks for the response..



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