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When Multicraft first started off in development, I purchased a enterprise license from them. ( he doesn't offer that any-more.)


How does TCadmin version 1 seem to handle this now?


Are there scripts available to auto create MySQL instances?


I have a couple of empty servers sitting around. was going to mess with it again.


any help will be appreciated.







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The script *can* work with version 1, but all info displayed as output would have to be static (aka coded into the script) - it can't show variables such as usernames, service id or anything like that.


What you can do is make the script output a string that tells the client that username and password is the same as for TCAdmin, and then give a URL to phpMyAdmin. That's the only way I can figure out.

If you want to, I can change the script a little.



Just to make it a little more clear: By static I mean that the message will be the same for all users. It'll be 'hard coded' into the script.

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Thanks for the response..Kind of a pain for just a handful of clients..:(


We niche in racing simulation. don't bother with the FPS stuff, leave those for you folks.


I have a couple of clients that want Minecraft, I can't get them to go elsewhere.. (been with me since 2004) so I guess I need to try and please.


Thanks again for the response...I am sure I will have a question or 2 more when I get to it..





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