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Getting up the courage to move from v1 to v2. Anything special I need to worry about?


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Currently running 4 Windows 2008 R2 servers with WHMCS 5.3.10 and TCAdmin v1.


I've heard that you need to manually move each customer over from v1 to v2. Is that still true or is there a conversion script available (or included w/ the v2 installer)?


Is there any important functionality in v1 that still doesn't exist in v2?


Is v2 REALLY still in beta or is that just a not-updated website tag?


I have about 100 active customers to move from v1 to v2...ballpark ETA on how long that might take?


I have a hajillion inactive/window-shopper accounts that I would LOVE to leave in the dust when I migrate. Is that an issue, or will not having those accounts screw with any metrics/auditing/stats/whatever?


Is migrating from v1 to v2 the type of thing you bring champagne for (yay), pot and advil (ugh this is a headache), or a revolver with one bullet (this went terrible, exiting stage left now)? :p

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