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CSS tickrate in/out


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On a netgraph there is an in/out value for a CSS server. If you set your tickrate to 100, the out should be 100, but should the in value be 100 as well?




Some people have told me that the in number is supposed to be 100, but others have said that the in has nothing to do with the tickrate of the server, and that actually a lower value is better.




Which is it?

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Hello matey just wanted to give you the fix to this problem




The reason for that problem is that to processors in the machine that the server is running on need to be High Resolution Timing for the 100 + 100 in net_graph.




The easy fix for this is to enable Windows Media Player or Tcadmin have a download in there support module Half Life Booster, you can have either they both work.




Thanks matey





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