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FTP GameFiles Question


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Hi, This might have already been answered or might even be a stupid question, but its 2:45 am and I just kinda thought of it.




Is it possible for my remote servers to download the GameFiles through an offsite ftp location.




I own my own webserver, and I'd like to setup and ftp account where I will have all the gameservers files in rar format. Just like if I was to ftp into the GameFiles dir on the master server.




Is this possible? If so, how?




Thanks. :shock:

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There is an File Server option under System Settings (if you dont see it, then its time to upgrade...). It allows you to use any FTP server which supports PASV and has the same file structure as what is required normally by your master FTP or your Game Files Directory...

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It doesn't necessarly have to be the webserver...




Its the main server all the remotes and webserver communicate with. It is the "heart" of the system.




You can also make any "remote" a "master ftp" server by checking that little box...




You can run your web interface on a diff box than the master server, but if your master server is down, nobody will be able to login to the database (atleast, that was before the direct DB connections that are now available per remote).




Enough rambling from me now. Time to go fly

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