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  1. There isn't a specific website for it. You could request a theme/developer in https://community.tcadmin.com/forum/35-themes/ At some point, a couple of free themes should also be available from https://community.tcadmin.com/files/
  2. Most of the options that you see on the screenshot, is custom scripts. They aren't included in the 'vanilla' version of TCAdmin.
  3. Hi there, would you be able to send me an danish translation file for tcadmin v2?

  4. Sent you pm on skype

  5. I am sad to say that I'm starting to agree with you. TCAdmin was the only control panel that I would vouch for, but I've gotten the feeling that the stable release has more bugs than the beta release. At this point I've just stopped creating tickets because as soon as Luis helps me fix one problem, something else starts failing. It's so sad, because TCAdmin has good potential.
  6. I thought we were the only ones. It seems that since the software went into 'STABLE' releases, it's been very unstable. We're using the latest version of Ubuntu 17 and the control panel seems to crash randomly on a few of these nodes. I haven't had any issues with the support, though. Luis has always come back to me and always tried to fix the issue that I've had.
  7. I've gotten replies within a day. Last contact with him was yesterday. Some tickets have higher priority than others. Also, don't expect them to work during holidays and weekends just because you do :-)
  8. Hey, I saw your recent theme design (http://clientforums.tcadmin.com/showthread.php?t=12110) and was wondering if its actually on sale.

  9. Hey dude, are you familiar with dos? Just need some help making the backup/restore features for that 7dtd config work, and I'm thinking I'm just missing the smallest of commands out or doing the smallest thing wrong or something :')

  10. Vuze, can i get your skype name ? :)

    i need some help from you...

  11. Yeah, I don't recall any other than Luis who have helped me by ticket.
  12. We've been using TCAdmin since January 2013, and I must say that I'm impressed by their support. I've received so much help (both from the community and the staff behind TCAdmin), and I'm very grateful. There hasn't been a problem that they couldn't help me fix. No matter what they've continued to help where most people probably would give up on me. And they're kind too, which is a plus. TCAdmin v2 has some great features. It's simple to use but it also has some advanced features. It doesn't take long to get used to, and I wouldn't be without it (neither would my clients ). My clients are really happy about the Mod Manager and the fact that they can install a ton of mods with only one click. We're very happy that we chose TCAdmin!
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