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  1. email me @ admin@needaserver.co.uk. I'll talk to you about arma 3

  2. J messaged you via my wall

  3. Want me to help via TeamViewer and discord. I can help you fix it

  4. Hey mate sorry. Did you email me the message or only on here. If you email me via admin@needaserver.co.uk. I'll help very fast

  5. I can help you. Tomorrow. Do you have a discord or take I cud join and we can discuss it. And I can help with the forest and the dnl config

  6. numpty

    Why can I not access the tcadmin v2 pages anymore. I haven't posted in ages. So an unsure what's up?? Please let me know

  7. Hi I can help tomorrow I'll send my ts ip for us to talk and can sort something out

  8. hey Email Me Directly Via Admin@needaserver.co.uk and we can discuss details and FYI Ark Remote is Buggy as hell with TCADMIN it does not allow map changes as when you open it it reverts everything back to stock and also it breaks the server mainly too so we stopped using it in the end my config is simple but effective and allows for lots of changes and mod installations also had a button to delete all mods there is a charge as it customised and not just a basic config it will cost ?10 if that is ok with you thats half my usual Charge for extended scripts this also includes future updates too if there are changes to the config that you cant get working I will update the config and send you the updated config for free.. hitr me up if still interested i have over 250 custom configs also themes too if you are interested

  9. I mean ts servers. Sorry my Auto correct

  10. Is this your website?? https://strongerhosting.com.br/teamspeak-brasileiro/


    If so watch out you don't get took to court from teamspeak for hosting ta servers without an athp license. If it's not you then. I apologise

  11. how did you get the forest working i am not able to get it working at all it runs but i get

    desktop: 1920x1080 60Hz; virtual: 1920x1080 at 0,0

    Switching to resolution 1024x720 failed, trying lower one

    All resolution switches have failed

    Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1024x720 fs=0 hz=0)


    any help is apreciated

  12. Custom theme. I have lots of cusom themes. What color style are you looking for I can share. Depends on how advanced will depend on price

  13. teamspeak xD mybad

  14. Connect to support@needaserver.co.uk tomorrow around 9 pm GMT. With tcadmin name. Can work it out for you

  15. I can share the config. No problem.

    I can do it via ts discord. Ur choice

  16. hey i will help u set it up in morning i had fell asleep lol

  17. support.needaserver.co.uk:9988 join this ts3 ill help

  18. i have an ark config but am working on the automatic Mod updates

  19. join my ts support.needaserver.co.uk:9988 ill help

  20. support.needaserver.co.uk:9988

    sorry forgot port

  21. join support.needaserver.co.uk ts3 ill help with Altis Life Issue

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