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  1. Want me to help via TeamViewer and discord. I can help you fix it

  2. I can help you. Tomorrow. Do you have a discord or take I cud join and we can discuss it. And I can help with the forest and the dnl config

  3. Hi.


    Well by the mistake I said you can not load and use the file.


    Unknown column 'hide_read_failure' in 'field list'


    Can You help Please? Your File dont Work :(



  4. how did you get the forest working i am not able to get it working at all it runs but i get

    desktop: 1920x1080 60Hz; virtual: 1920x1080 at 0,0

    Switching to resolution 1024x720 failed, trying lower one

    All resolution switches have failed

    Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1024x720 fs=0 hz=0)


    any help is apreciated

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