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how to view your games in console


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Sorry to bump this, but i still cant see my consoles when i remote desktop to my windows box.


a friend who runs tc admin on the same OS, same cpu and some motherboard ect gave me access to his box and i could see all his consoles. So i don't understand why i cant see mine. its really anoying because i cant see console errors ect.


im wiling to give a TCAdmin administrator access to my server and cp.


can you guys help?

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Well here is an easy way to check your console.


1. Login to the server itself.

2. Open your browser and login to your panel.

3. Go to the service that is having an issue and click "service settings"

4. On the right hand side of the page look for the preview button and click it.

5. The full commandline for the game is displayed at the top of the page.

6. Clikc START>RUN and copy the full commandline into the space, ,and hit enter.


This will start the game righ on the desktop so you can see what is wrong.


Just make sure that you shut down the game inn the panel before doing this, so it isn't running twice.

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That is simply running the same files that TCAdmin would start. There is no difference. That is exactly what the TCAdmin service uses to start the game.


I would check your server logs to see if there isn't an error happening somewhere with the service.

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