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  1. All options that were in V1 are in V2, plus more. V1 is no longer getting updated. That is why I cancelled the trial.
  2. Hi, Please take a look here for info on the first 2 questions: https://help.tcadmin.com/Billing_API_Examples The other 2 options can be done via scripts. You may want to contact us via our support system for a more in depth discussion. https://clients.tcadmin.com/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=3
  3. The containers would require remote licenses.
  4. To be honest almost all of our clients uses WHMCS for their billing/integration. While there is other billing packages out there, they don't seem to be used at all.
  5. Thanks for the kind words Adam. And congrats on your success!
  6. If you are only running the Master server and no games on it you should be fine. Keep in mind that distance/latency may be an issue. We would not recommend putting your master in Texas and your game servers in China
  7. Thank you for the kind words
  8. ECF

    Major time saver

    Thank you for the kind words Rene!
  9. No issues with licensing ATM. If you requested a trial it may have been rejected due to lack of info. If you purchased a license I would suggest putting in a ticket so we can look into it.
  10. You can request a free 20 day trial here: https://clients.tcadmin.com/cart.php?gid=6 * Only 1 trial request per person/company
  11. A dedicated server is HIGHLY suggested for running games. A higher end VPS may be able to handle some games, but it really is not recommended.
  12. Your license key is sent to you in your welcome email. Just to confirm, you need to order a license to use the software.
  13. ECF



    The reason the post was stickied was at the time there were no other scripts that what it did and many people were looking for one.


    I personally don't visit the forums very often so it is hard to keep track on certain things on a regular basis.


    I have unstuck the post per your request, as what you mentioned in your email is correct. I am only human unfortunately.




    Kevin O'Donnell


  14. ECF


    Shoot me an email about the ad space. We may be able to work something out.


    Kevin (kevin@tcadmin.com)

  15. No. TCAdmin does not come with game server files pre-loaded. Sharing most game files is illegal. If you are looking for something that is point and click and requires no knowlege of game hosting then please do not order our product.
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