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  1. @rislem Hi, if you're interested in purchasing templates for Tcadmin, Mod Specialists can help: 

    Add them on discord: ModSpecialists#4728

  2. Hi, are you still looking for owned whmcs licenses?

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    2. xai


      yes, I have 1 master and 3 remote licenses ... let me know how I can contact you with the details.

    3. CloudNine


      I need whmcs owned licence, not tcadmin, i've not heard of anything like remote or master for whmcs.

      So we can proceed, we need to look to transfer the licence via whmcs, what's the email account with the whmcs licence? So i can raise a query with whmcs my end for the transfer, then i could make payment via paypal and you can sign it over.


    4. xai


      oh yes, sry I mixed that up a little bit ? and sry for the late reply

      The WHMCS is still in use but should be available soon .... I will get back to you within the next days.

  3. "Anyone has a working Windows config? (for free or paid, doesn`t matter)"


    How much are you offering?

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