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  1. hello license I bought a product here on tcadmin and it was not active yet I am Brazilian my fear is that the dollar is absurd here in my father and the first time I buy here help pf if you can activate for min pf
  2. Holy fucking shit this guy is awesome. I knew him from a plugin he made for Unturned and now I found him here on TCAdmin doing a great job with awesome resources like MySql Manager that saved me a lot. This guy is awesome ❤️ +rep

  3. Hello Morgan can i contact you discord about your MySQL Manager ?

    I have an issue but i really have no clue from where it can come from, it's been couple hours but i can't seems to find any solution


    1. M0RG4N


      Sure thing! 🙂 

      My discord is: M0RG4N#0324

      I believe I have DMs enabled for if you are in a server that i'm in so if you are in the TCAdmin Discord you should be able to DM me https://community.tcadmin.com/discord/invite/Bpe574k/


    2. ServAttitude


      Ive added you 🙂

    3. M0RG4N



      I received a FR and messaged / accepted them, maybe it wasn't you? 😅

      Are you able to message me?

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