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Service Maintenance

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Service Maintenance module for TCAdmin - Allowing panel admins to put a service in maintenance mode whilst working on fixing issues.

This module is useful if you do not wish for a client to be messing with the service whilst you are trying to fix an issue they have complained about.



  • Enable/Disable Maintenance mode for a service
  • Redirects to Maintenance page when maintenance is enabled (stops them accessing service home, file manager, action buttons etc)


  1. Login to your TCAdmin and head to the Plugin Repository which is located in settings
  2. Click on Modules and then click the "Service Maintenance" module
  3. Once the page loads click "Install Module"
  4. You will now receive a short loading wait and you should see the module has been installed successfully :)!

After the installation is complete you should now see a "Service Maintenance" switch on the actions page for a service:


Known Issues

  • None as of 1.0.1

If you find an issue or want something else implemented into this module. Please create an issue on the github page here: Issues · M0RG4N01/TCAdminServiceMaintenance (github.com)



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On 9/26/2020 at 2:55 PM, LaGgIs said:

I did btw should it be like this? with weird " <font color="blue">[</font><font color="blue">S</font><font color="yellow">W</font><font color="blue"



Can you reinstall 1.0.1 and see if its fixed now :)? 

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