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  1. Hi LFA, 

    the user jungleNZ referred me to you.

    I have some Assetto Corsa Competizione Servers running and so far they work create, but i was wondering if it is possible to create a Query Protocol für ACC so CPU/RAM/Player and Bandwith usage etc. could be displayed correctly within the webinterface.

    Further on i have a few smaller questions but the query protocol  would be awesome.

    Of course i´m willing to pay for your help if you are generally interested in this, let me know.



  2. Hi, Steamcmd is downloaded automatically. Game files are downloaded automatically with Steamcmd. If a game requires a Steam account you will have to configure it in the game's settings so the files can be downloaded.
  3. numpty

    Why can I not access the tcadmin v2 pages anymore. I haven't posted in ages. So an unsure what's up?? Please let me know

  4. Mr.TnT

    if you can :)



    and i want to translate the tca wiki to arabic, and give a hand with this wonderful service.


    if i can tell me how, and where ? and w will do the rest.



  5. My error is similar to the one in this post but it still giving error



  6. please help me please LFA LFA help me I have problems setting for San Andreas TCADMIN Multy Player'm new and I am entangled with TcADmin


    sorry for my bad English use google translator

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