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Thanks for the feed back.




I'm actually having fun trying different theme and am willing to help, time permitting, other people w/ their themes.




I think the hardest part is messing with styles.css.




For the HTML I simple create my tables. In the center of the page you should have a <tr> </tr>. This will be the main TCA table. Now, once you have your theme complete simply copy everything above the <tr> and everything below the </tr>. You should be good to go.




I'll try to put together a quick and dirty example and post my code.





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Okay... so I've finally updated my TCA theme with some nice bells and whistles:


The header and footers are includes which link to my main site header and footer. If I change a link or menu item on the main site it is automatically changed on the admin interface.


Kayako support is integrated in a limited fashion. I replaced the support links within tca to go to my support site. Also, in the header I have a live chat link. This bit of code monitors which page a user is on and displays that within the kayako support suite software. Now if a user goes to my TCA site and is on their game server mgmt link for a long period of time I can request a chat asking them if they need help w/ the game server or whichever page they're on.


Google Analytics is integrated into my header so I get reports from that as well though it is patchy at best w/ reporting, but I'm sure that's a problem on my side.


ClientExec orders may be placed from this page as well. I'm still working towards TCA and CE integration.


I hope you like the sneak peak. If I get more spiffy things working I'll update this thread.




Here are the sneak peaks:





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Each of the themes was purchased and part of the license was that I could use the theme anywhere on my site.


I integrated the last theme into my Client Exec, Kayako and vBulletin sites. It's dirty, but it worked. I heard rumors that linux support was discontinued so I don't think I'll be doing much more development. :(



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The first one you posted was a nice surprise to use.


Our clan also uses the Disturbed theme on our forum. It would be great to re-create what you did. Thanks for the idea.


And well the other two you posted are also really good implementations. Great work on the last one with the integration of those features.

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