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TCAdmin file structure


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I would like to get the file strucuture explain all over.


I have always had unzipped game folders with the necessary TCA.xxxx folders in each game folder.


I have recently decided to use a master ftp to hold the gameinstallation files. I tried to ZIP the entire folder (incl ALL subfolders). That works when it comes to game installs, but NOT mod/maps/patch installs. I then tried to zip the entire contents in each game folder, except the mod/maps/patch folders - but the install only copied the zip over and never extracted it on the game server in question.




Can someone please explain how i need to zip and the folder structure i need to use, please?

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If you are using compressed files such as .zip or .rar you will need to take the contents of each game folder and create a compressed file named after the game folder.




Example: If you currently have Counterstrike in C:\GameInstalls\CS, take the files within the /CS folder (not including the CS folder) and create a compressed file called CS.zip. This file is placed in the top level GameInstalls directory of C:\GameInstalls. Do not put it in the game folder /CS




For maps, mods, and patches, there are three subfolders which need to be within the game's folder. These folders are:




Mods = TCA.Mods


Maps = TCA.Maps


Patches = TCA.Patches




You would then place the compressed files within its corresponding folder.





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