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Moving database to another server


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Just pick the whole Program Files Tcadmin folder up and copy it to the new server.




Also, if you have any games running on the server, pick that up and copy it to the same spot on the new server.




You will need to re-run the configuration program again to create the website, then leave all the settings the same for the db connection etc.




Best thing is to put in a ticket, and have Luis walk you through it.

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You would need to copy the file folder over as well and place it in the same spot. eg. C:\UserFiles




Then you will need to import the new IPs into TCA from the machine. Go into each service and select a new IP for it and save.




When you save the service gets created again.

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Also remember to re-run the configuration program again to recreate the website, and to adjust the default IP. Just skip the step on creating a database.




If you have any remote servers attached to that master you will need to re-create the config files and re-run the config on the remotes so they know where the new master is.




You can do this after you change the master settings. Simply redownload the config file for each remote server, copy it to the remote and re-run the config program and point it to the new config you downloaded.




Then restart all monitors.



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