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GOAT Assetto Corsa Config Files


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GOAT's Assetto Corsa Configs





This config is more of a drift setup but stall can work for racing. Fell free to edit and re post if you fix something or make a linux version.




  • Stracker
  • AC track cycle



atm to get ac track cycle and stracker working i have made it so it edits a bat file that is hidden from the clients. Depending on what mod you have installed depends on what the bat file has in it. i know there are other ways around this but hey it works lol.


How to install:

You will need to make a bat file named StartacServer.bat and put this into it. the bat file need to go into TCAFiles\Games\acserver next to where acServer.exe is.

@echo off
acserver.exe > output.log 2> error.log


This is more of a template for GSP to use as atm there is only like one place out there that runs AC track cycle. There is good money to be made from hosting ac servers well drift ones that is :p thy use nothing apart from bandwidth.

I have prob missed some stuff so if i have post away.

Note i was one high kiwi when i made this lol. Over time when i find probs i will update this config

ac - Windows.xml

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