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Buttons Not Working since


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There are several buttons in the panel that are no longer doing anything since the latest update. For example, the "Steam Update" button pops up the Start the Steam update? window, clicking Yes just closes the popup and nothing happens.

Another is trying to create a new commandline. Clicking "New" will bring up a loading animation and after a few seconds it will go away and never actually load anything. I'm sure there are many other features that are broken at the moment. I am running CentOS, all packages updated and have rebooted. Has anyone had this issue or have any advice?

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This has happened for us after the update as well. It only happens sometimes.

What is really annoying though, is how bad the panel performs after the recent updates. We've upgraded to Mono 4.8 on all servers, but we get so many time outs all the time. The control panel runs slower and slower until we restart it.

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