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Server not coming online


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Hello there,


I have a really weired problem here, a clients game server does not like me and does not want to start up. I checked for errors with HLDS and ran it in console. Besides that user totally overloaded his server with plugins and eventscripts i can not find anything weired. I thought it is most likely one of the plugins or scripts, but he says he hasn't changed any files in months, and the server was starting up fine on saturday (after last valve update).

It is a CSS Server by the way.

When I start it in console it does everything as usual, until the point of adding master servers and enabling vac.


Command status shows that everything is ok, but if I check the ip and port with HLSW it shows time out error.



Does anyone have an idea what that might be? I guess a reinstall should do it, but that client really is against it.

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