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Disable Clients / Auto Setup


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Okay, So I am trying to think through the logistics of this script.


So far I have a full billing system except for disabling of servers. It is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time I just havent goten around to it.


My question is what will be the best way.


I have several possibilities and would love to hear your opinions.


The first and my favourite, although I do not know how it would work since I do not even know any ASP would be to create a PHP script that some how disables the game server. The main problem with this is that I don't know how I would do this. I know PHP although I wouldnt know how to interface with TCA since it uses a different language.


Another possibility would be to simply use PHP to change the value in the database of the server and suspend the user and set the game services start up option to 2 (disabled I believe) and then at 1 hour intervals every day have a .bat script check each server to make sure that all disabled or suspended users are correctly suspended. Although I wouldnt know how to do this.



I have another question. When a client places an order for a game server the order is received and the details are stored in a database. How simple would be to automatically set up orders. I don't care about managing which server is the best to set it up on. I can change that manually between each order if required. I have the information such as gamecode, slotsize, branded, private, I just need to get that into TCA through a web interface. Emphasis on web interface that uses PHP.



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To put it simply, you should code your script in whatever language you are the best with.


The TCAdmin billing API can be used to execute any type of function such as suspend as long as you pass it the right commands regardless of what language it's written in.


In prospective, Modernbill is written completely in PHP, and by using the billing API it passes commands to the TCAdmin API which can setup or suspend servers.

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