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Command line edit !


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hi im installing a mod onto one of my game servers using tc admin and im going fine the only problem i have came accross is im unsure how to edit the command line which starts my server if anyone can shed any info into this id be well pleased !


btw its the awe mod for cod2 !

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You will need to add the command you would like to use to the commandline variables.


Goto System Settings>Supported Games, click on the game config for COD2. At the bottom of the page click on the commandline variables icon. Here you can add whatever variables you like. Simply click the new button and fill in the fields.


You can then goto that game service and click the Commandline icon and create a new commandline using that variable. Select the new commandline and restart the server.


Or if you simply want to change the commandline for that one server, you can goto Gaming Services, click the game server in the list, gotoservice settings and check the override commandline box, and enter whatever commandline you like.

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+set fs_savepath E:\UserFiles\topman\GameServers\TC***************\ +set fs_game awe3b5 +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip **.***.**88 +set net_port 28961 +set sv_maxclients 30 +map_rotate +exec awe.cfg


this the the complete command line i wish to add but im still unsure of what to do for it to function !!


i found the command line parameters section but do i need to split the command line into sedtions if so where ?

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