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Default config files


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First off...


Great looking site... yeah, I haven't been here in a while. :p


I absolutely LOVE vBulletin. :)


Question on default config files...


For ranked servers we limit user access to a BF2CC directory so they can access the .profile files. Users would like to setup their own streaming PB which requires access to one file in the PB folder. I'd like to have this one file listed in the default config area for them to edit, but the file is not relative to the users path but rather -above- it.


Any way to do this or any others doing something similar?


Thanks much!!

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You can use the "force ftp folder" option in the game configuration, and point it to /pb


This will allow users access to the PB folder. This way they can grab their screenshots as well :)


This option is included in the latest update.

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Sorry, didn't make myself clear - not the first time. :)


I have the user path set up as .../BF2CC/


This allows them to manage their BF2CC files via FTP/File Manager. It sounds like the new setting lets me override the game config and allow access to another directory.


Question is, though, if I use the new forceFTP will it break their access to the BF2CC directory?


From time to time, BF2CC hoses profiles and gives the error that the profile should be deleted, etc. This is why I give them access to the BF2CC folder.


I guess I could just put the BF2CC files in the PB folder?


Thanks for help.

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