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Open Letter to the TCAdmin Staff/Community


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Hi everyone. I'm Adam, I started up uHostPro in 2015.


TCAdmin 2 is a piece of software that without it's existence I wouldn't be where I am now.


uHostPro blew up with Ark's release, I fortunately happenchanced across direct contact with the developers before release and had server software available and a config built within TCAdmin ready for launch.


While Lirik, with 40,000 people watching, was playing the day before Ark launched there was only 2 servers in the server list, the official server the developers were showing the game to Content Creators on, and the server with "uHostPro.com Servers available" in the title. When the developers had to take the official server down to make changes, all these gameplay hungry content creators joined the only other available server :p This changed everything for me.


3 years down the line and uHostPro has been acquired by Nitrado. They brought me onboard and I now work as Global Partnership Manager.


I can't stress how amazing this run with TCAdmin2 has been.


To the TCAdmin Staff: You guys are absolutely amazing, you've responded to all my questions and issues over the years in an extremely prompt and professional manor. Keep doing what you're doing, you rock!


To this community: Over the years I may not have engaged in this community as much as I should have, however without this community and it's information and the sharing of experiences, problems, configs and the like, I most definitely would not have gone as far as I have. Thanks to you I have been able to pursue a proper career in something I'm truly happy doing, and for that I love you guys.


Best Regards,


Adam "Mekki"

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