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Forum Upgrade


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Forum upgrades have been completed. You may have to log back in again if it is your first time back to the forums.


I just noticed that there has been a new feature added to the latest version which is missing a button in our current template. I will have one made and get it uploaded as soon as I can.

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We are aware of it, and I have tried the scaling method which made the images look terrible.


So for the moment, we will leave it as it is until I get some time to look for a plugin/hack that might help.


This is apparent in the templates section where people have posted images of their sites. The header does not resize, but the rest of the forums are fine.


Thank you for pointing it out though.


And I just found another issue with the Add infraction links within posts made by user. I think I'll go turn that off, since we aren't babysitters :p

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