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It takes 20 to 25 minutes to create the AA game server, I am just running 7200 IDE drives. If I went to 7200 Sata drives would that cut down on the transfer time and also the lead the transfering puts on the machine?


One more question, if I put in a sata drive as a secondary drive and had the install files and the user files on that hard drive, with the operating system on the IDE drive would that make the file transfers any better and cutdown on the load transfering the files has? Thank you

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Put your game files within an .rar compressed file and leve it in C:\GameInstalls


Do not put it in the AA folder. Simply leave it in the to level of C:\GameInstalls or whatever you have named your install folder.


Also make sure you do not include the AA folder in the compressed file, you just want the game files and subfolders for the game.


TCAdmin automatically checks for that .rar file first before it goes to the AA folder to find the game files. Once you put the file there it should use it instead of copying files from the AA folder.

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