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As the title stays, I'm looking for side work. I can do either os's I do tho have a few of my own guidelines.


1: Half of any Agreed upon price upfront to Paypal.


2: Any work Agreed upon as done will only have a 15-day acceptable refund

due to the ever-evolving world of gaming, there could be 30 plus updates in a 30-day the grace which any one or all could mean changes to the config.


3: I Get to keep a copy of Any Game related config work I do and That will get

released here on theTCAdmin forums No less than 6 months after the work is

done unless agreed upon before the start of the project.


Either Dm on Here or:






live help found @


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On 12/13/2020 at 10:33 AM, whitehammer9 said:

i am looking for a dayz config that runs dzsa, uses BEC and auto updated the mods if u have discord u can join here (https://discord.gg/HHNRpZm) and pm me or ill try to check this site constantly to see if you msged back.

i have a config that works great if still interested

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