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FTP Sssslllloooowww


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I've just added another server to my Master server, I've setup my slave server to download the files from the masterserver. Its done the first 256mb really quickly but now its just gone to a stand still :(


I know its not the connection between the servers because I can trasnfer files using the RAdmin File Transfer.


Any Ideas?


Thanks very much,


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If you are transferring from one server to another you should.


Zip up the files and directories wihtin the Installs\AA folder and name it the same as the directory you currently have it in on your master.


Example: directory name is aa, make the compressed file aa.rar


Then put the rar file in C:\GameInstalls


Do not put it in the AA sub-folder.


The panel will automatically use that compressed file and use that for setups.

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