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Licensing/Purchasing FAQ


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Please take a moment to read the following overview of our licensing options.


Leased (Monthly) Licensing


Leased licensing is paid on a montly basis and is $15.95 per dedicated server. You may run as many game servers on the box as you wish. Each client is required to have at least (1) Master server license. From there you may add remote server licenses to yoru TCAdmin system if you add on more dedicated boxes. When you place your first order, please make sure that you order a master server license as your first license. Remote servers will be added to the license key that you receive when you order your master server.


Leased licensing includes product upgrades and support for as long as the account is kept up to date on all payments.


Purchased (Owned) Licensing


If you wish you also have the option to purchased your licensing for TCAdmin. If you are placing our initial order for licensing you must order your master server first just as you would with leased licensing. Remote server are then added to the same license key as you purchase and add them on. As with the leased licensing, you may run as many game servers per dedicated box as you like. Licensing is per dedicated server, not game server.


Purchased licensing includes support and upgrades for a period of (1) year from the date of purchase. Support for the product may be renewed at the rates shown below for subsequent years if the client chooses. If you choose not to renew your product support contract after the initial year, you are free to run the software in its current form for as long as you like, but you will not receive any product updates, or support.


Support Contract pricing


Master Server (per year) $60.00

Remote Server (per year) $37.50

Enterprise License: (per year) $700.00



Payment Information


We accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard

All licensing and services can be ordered here:


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