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TCAdmin + WHMCS Integration Tutorial [In Video]

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I uploaded this video one year ago to help another companies to integrate TCAdmin to WHMCS. The majority were using TCAdmin v1 module instead v2 so then I made this tutorial to help. He still working nowadays but you can add more features to him anyway, I hope this help you.


The tutorial is in portuguese (I'm brazilian) but just follow the steps.


We will use in WHMCS:

  • Servers (Configure your TCAdmin server)
  • Configurable Options (Configure Slots and Branded)
  • Products (Custom fields)
  • cPanel (servers/tcadmin_advanced2/custom.php) - (Optional, we will use custom.php to when create the service the server don't start to save server resources)


IMPORTANT :oh noes

To add more features to your integration use TCAdmin Official Module Documentaiton



I hope this help you. Bye!

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Bit of a broken link going on here...



I thought it might be a good watch seeing that I am going to

make a 1 year coast along Health situation sabbatical...

Why give up now after 15 years of this stuff?

\What would one have to do with themselves if they didn't have

the day to day stress level that comes with being a GSP? :~







NRT Game servers

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