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Looking for some help


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Afternoon all:


I currently am trying to get a game server company started, I had a gentleman that said he could get me going in the right direction, So leased some servers, TCAdmin and ModernBill and have the resourses to add on servers and TCAdmin addons as needed. But sit here spinning my wheels. There is a bigger picture to this come Feb. /07 with a to be released santioned game... this was just a primer project to get me aquainted with the above software and see if it was compatable with server software and all that goes with it, and learn the billing software.


If any-one has a little extra time that knows how to get this started...



tanker221@hotmail.com : MSN



and we can continue on a teamspeak server.

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I wish I knew ....:(


Ithink he had all the right intentions....


I would have liked him to help me set up an account via TCAdmin, Modern bill and show me how the steam and user setups worked....maybe he didn't know?...then I could have taken it from there..:)

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Hey I'm a little confused what do you need help with?

You can add things in tcadmin and modernbill you say?

But you're spinning your wheels does this mean you're lost or stuck on something?


And im 100% confused on the feb 07 thing? Explain more please I'd be happy to help.


I am starting a new host and this is my first time with windows and tcadmin, I've been a linux host for a few years

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