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pb file fix


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Okay we have installed the tcadmin panel to our server. I have had no problems with the setup and it works great. It even fixes the dual core problem with cod uo since vcod isnt a dual core game it only needs to use 1 affinity setting instead of both with both it causes game problems. With that said I have a good question for anyone that may know an answer.


The problem comes when we take punkbuster screenshots. We take around 400 per day. In our pb folder in the server through tc admin there are ways to download the file by clicking on each individual png file or check marking every single one of them and zipping them then downloading the zip file. Problem is after all that mess I have to go back and recheck every one of them again and delete them. What I would like to do is just download the whole folder instead of individually choosing them but tcadmin does not allow you to do that. This is the only difficult part of this whole program and if anyone has a fix or suggestion for this I would love to hear it. Thankyou.











Is there a way of adding an option to this file manager that will check mark all files by type and to speed this process.

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Okay help me figure out how to do that then cause if I set up filezilla for the ftp then run the server through tcadmin I have two identical servers. If I am to use ftp then what would be the use of even having tcadmin. We have ran with ftp prior to this and could work it fairly simple but we like a few things about tcadmin that you didnt have with ftp. Anyway I guess ftp is the way to go. Thanks for the advice.

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