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Call of Duty Server Help


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with tcadmin is very siply.

1) Import the COD config from the forum config in your panel

2) RAR the full installed game from the root game directory

3) put the rar file in your master server

4) Create a new COD server with the tcadmin create function

that's it :)

If you have more question please update

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United Offensive is an expansion of Call of Duty,


Therefore you are required to have a full install of Call of Duty (I would thoroughly recommend updating to final 1.5 version) then add the United Offensive Expansion (update to 1.51) .rar it all and put it up to the server.


As for Punkbuster, have your command as follows (ECF is spot on) :


// Punkbuster Server

set sv_punkbuster "1"



And drop this in just before the map rotation.


Hope this helps you out.





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Make sure the updater is active on the control panel so that an admin can update if need be after an install, or even better, clients can do their own updates as the need arises.


This will solve the problem of you having to access the box and run the manual updater every time a server doesn't auto update. It works flawlessly may I add.


Kind regards



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